pelzflorian pushed a change to branch wip-i18n
in repository guix-artwork.

     was c3c5ee0  website: Refactor GUIX_WEB_SITE_ROOT_PATH handling.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard c3c5ee0  website: Refactor GUIX_WEB_SITE_ROOT_PATH handling.
 discard 73cb001  website: Fix building with GUIX_WEB_SITE_ROOT_PATH.
 discard 0ff8bef  website: Handle GUIX_WEB_SITE_ROOT_PATH not ending in a slash.
 discard ed78bab  website: Add language selection dropdown to navbar.
 discard 49a065c  website: navbar: Make dropdowns accessible to keyboard and 
touch input.
 discard d58487b  website: nls: Add German translation.
 discard b206d9a  website: media: Do not localize video page URLs.
 discard a00d40c  website: apps: Mark all files for translation.
 discard 77675f1  website: Add custom xgettext to extract from nested sexps for 

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