Ludovic Courtès (2016-09-14 16:58 +0200) wrote:

> Hello,
> (Carlos Sánchez de La Lama) skribis:
>> I have an interesting case here. I have guile installed in my system
>> profile, so that
>> /var/guix/profiles/system/profile/share/aclocal/guile.m4
>> is there. However, autoconf is installed in my *user* profile, so
>> ACLOCAL_PATH is augmented in ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile to include
>> ~/.guix-profile/share/aclocal
>> But not the system-profile aclocal directory, which would be put into
>> ACLOCAL_PATH by /var/guix/profiles/system/profile/etc/profile if
>> autoconf was installed in the systme profile as well.
>> Is this the intended behaviour? I am wondering whether packages with
>> search paths should include both the user-profile directories and the
>> system-profile ones.
> I think you’re right.  This was discussed at
> <>, leading to a patch (for GuixSD).
> However, we failed to build consensus around the approach of this patch,
> so we did not apply it.  If you have ideas, please email
>  :-)

I think I was the one who prevents the consensus.  To make it clear, I'm
for the suggested solution, but only *after* giving a user a freedom to
avoid loading such a heavy command as "guix package --search-paths".  On
a "usual" GNU/Linux distro a user can edit /etc/profile, but on GuixSD
it is not possible currently.  That's why I think there should be
provided a possibility to override /etc/profile at first.

> One of the fruits of this discussion, though, is that you can do:
>   guix package -p /run/current-system/profile -p ~/.guix-profile 
> --search-paths
> to get the combined search paths.

This is what I do to combine my profiles (I don't use ~/.guix-profile
but several other profiles instead).


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