On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 01:37:47PM +0200, Roel Janssen wrote:
> In the following patch series I add packages to do package development
> for Bioconductor.  They have a couple of tools to perform extra checks
> to ensure Bioconductor packages work together well.
> Since I am trying to add a package to Bioconductor, I need these
> packages in GNU Guix.  I've been using them for a couple of days and
> it seems to work fine.

The packages look straightforward to me.

My only suggestion would be to change the descriptions to begin with
"$package is a ..." rather than "This package ...". I think it's useful
to have the package name in the description. Perhaps some of the
descriptions could give more detail, but I'm not familiar with this
software, so I can't say.

I think that if they are working for you, you've done a license audit,
and they pass `guix lint`, then they are okay.

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