On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 11:07:34PM +0000, ng0 wrote:
> Hi,
> why don't we package e2fsprogs-libs? I tried to update it, which fails
> with a file which apparently got renamed and/or moved into -libs.
> Is there any reason why e2fsprogs-libs was not packaged?

Is e2fsprogs-lib a separate package? Or just another distro's method of
splitting their e2fsprogs package?

Can you share the work-in-progress patch that causes the problem for

I found this text on the LFS page for the latest release of e2fsprogs

To set up and run the test suite we need to first link some libraries
from /tools/lib to a location where the test programs look. To run the
tests, issue:

$ ln -sfv /tools/lib/lib{blk,uu}id.so.1 lib
$ make LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/tools/lib check


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