Eric Bavier <ericbav...@openmailbox.org> skribis:

> My suggestion would be to move those procedures back into (guix import
> pypi).  I don't think they are as generic as their inclusion in (guix
> import utils) might suggest.  The strings they accept are specific to
> pypi.

I’m late, but I agree.  Different repos (PyPI, CPAN, etc.) use different
strings to denote licenses—similar but subtly different.  So we should
probably not try to factorize too much here.

> Perhaps what might also be done is to clarify in the documentation
> that the importers are not meant to be "dumpers": their output is not
> intended to be dumped directly into package modules and pushed
> upstream, and that editing will most likely need to take place.  Maybe
> adding a 'guix-import' command to guix.el could improve on this
> situation in particular, by using geiser to detect proper symbol
> prefixes, since it could have an understanding of what module the
> imported package is destined for.

Yeah.  It already says that the output “is a package definition, or a
template thereof”, which should be good enough, no?


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