I found that our Perl was giving "Error: This Perl not built to support
threads" when trying to use threads.  I added '-Dusethreads' to the configure
phase, but had to copy across the old configure phase to the inheriting
'perl-boot0' where we cannot use threads as pthreads is apparently
unavailable.  Perhaps there is a better way than simply copying the configure
phase code, though I did add comments pointing out the duplication.

I'm a little lost as to where we are in the cycle.  If the patches are OK do I
push this 'rebuild the world' change to 'core-updates', or make a new

Thanks in advance.  It might help to view the second patch with 'git diff -w'.

[PATCH 1/2] gnu: perl: Split configure phase.
[PATCH 2/2] gnu: perl: Enable threading support.

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