On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 12:21:10AM +0800, Alex Vong wrote:
> Hello,
> The following patch does what the title says. The link of the bug
> <http://www.openldap.org/its/index.cgi/Incoming?id=7430;page=17> is no
> longer accessible, so I assume the bug is fixd since I cannot find it on
> the internet. In addition, I have checked debian's version, which is
> slightly older (2.4.42), which also uses gnutls. So I think we are safe
> here. Please object if there is a problem!
> Please note that openldap is an input for curl, so I guess it is causing
> the openssl dependency problem for octave I mentioned earlier. I haven't
> test to build octave with curl though, which takes a while.
> Finally, I have checked debian's build script and find the following:
> ======================================================================
> # Download the upstream source and make changes as required for DFSG reasons.
> # Assumes wget is available, as this is generally only used by the package
> # maintainers.
> get-orig-source:
>       @if [ ! -d "debian/schema" ] ; then \
>           echo 'Run this from the top directory of the Debian source' >&2; \
>           exit 1; \
>       fi
>       wget $(URL)/openldap-$(VERSION).tgz
>       tar xzf openldap-$(VERSION).tgz
>       rm -r openldap-$(VERSION)/doc/drafts
>       rm -r openldap-$(VERSION)/doc/rfc
>       set -e; for schema in debian/schema/*.schema debian/schema/*.ldif ; do \
>           file=`basename "$$schema"`; \
>           rm openldap-$(VERSION)/servers/slapd/schema/$$file; \
>       done
>       mv openldap-$(VERSION) openldap-$(VERSION)+dfsg
>       tar cf openldap_$(VERSION)+dfsg.orig.tar openldap-$(VERSION)+dfsg
>       rm -r openldap-$(VERSION)+dfsg
>       gzip -9 openldap_$(VERSION)+dfsg.orig.tar
> ======================================================================
> Is the rfc documents considered fsf-free? Otherwise, we will have to
> remove them and repack the source.

I believe that Debian doesn't consider them to be DFSG compliant because
they cannot be modified, just like the invariant sections of the GFDL
run afoul of the DFSG. So without actually checking I'd assume that
they're ok to distribute in Guix.

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