On Wed 21 Sep 2016 23:01, taylanbayi...@gmail.com (Taylan Ulrich 
"Bayırlı/Kammer") writes:

> With the attached quick-and-dirty patch, 'make' runs to completion.


> I think we can keep the (compile 'dummy) hack.  That leaves two issues
> which may be solved in a cleaner manner than in this patch:
> - The (define foo (@@ (bar) foo)) parts.
> - Making %tty-gid public.  (The above didn't work for this one...)
> Both fixes may become unnecessary if Guile 2.2 goes back to allowing
> #:select to import private bindings.  Otherwise, recommendations for
> cleaner solutions welcome.

I think allowing access to private bindings via #:select was simply an
error and is unlikely to be reinstated.

> By the way, compile time seems to increase greatly with 2.2, to the
> point I wondered if it's really compiling in parallel, but it does seem
> to as evidenced by top(1).  Maybe package modules could be compiled with
> certain optims turned off, since they mostly just consist of package
> object definitions and not procedures whose performance would matter.

How much?

I think turning off most optimizations for the packages is a good idea.
There is not a nice way to do this however.  What `guild compile -O1
...` does is:


The default is -O2.


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