> SPDX seems to be a more general specification for licenses, but I still
> wonder whether its appropriate for (guix import utils), since its used
> only by the crate importer.

The npm metadata also uses spdx identifiers.

> Maybe also "cc-by-sa2.0"?

Don't know you tell me :) I copied this from a gist that Jelle
published on the ML.

> Maybe numerically sort the cc licenses, like the others?
> Alphabetically "vim" succeeds" "unlicense".

> Some that are missing(?):
> "IPL-1.0" => 'license:ibmpl1.0
> "CUA-OPL-1.0" => 'license:opl1.0

Sounds good.

> The "psfl" license.  It appears our "psfl" doesn't seem to map cleanly to
> one in the SPDX list.

I'll add it to guix licenses.


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