> guile-json is an optional dependency for Guix.  See
> the manual and makefiles.

I see, didn't know.

> We can't do this

I'm not sure that this is correct.

>From the manual:
> Installing Guile-JSON will allow you to use the guix
> import pypi command (see Section 6.5 [Invoking guix
> import], page 75). It is of interest primarily for
> developers and not for casual users.

CPAN, GEM and CARGO importers also use guile-json. If
a developer is using importers I think he can install guile-json
since most importers use it. (guix import utils) is only used
by importers, so people that don't want to use importers
can continue without using guile-json. To put it in perspective
guile-json is 100KB (guix size only displays MB).

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