On 2016-09-22 10:23, David Craven wrote:
guile-json is an optional dependency for Guix.  See
the manual and makefiles.

I see, didn't know.

We can't do this

I'm not sure that this is correct.

From the manual:
Installing Guile-JSON will allow you to use the guix
import pypi command (see Section 6.5 [Invoking guix
import], page 75). It is of interest primarily for
developers and not for casual users.

CPAN, GEM and CARGO importers also use guile-json. If
a developer is using importers I think he can install guile-json
since most importers use it. (guix import utils) is only used
by importers, so people that don't want to use importers
can continue without using guile-json. To put it in perspective
guile-json is 100KB (guix size only displays MB).

Overall the patch seems like a net loss. If guile-json is an optional dependency for Guix and there are importers that don't need it (cran, hackage, elpa, nix, gnu), then we shouldn't make importers completely inaccessible for those who want to use Guix without guile-json so that we can gain what?


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