On 09/23/2016 10:15 AM, Leo Famulari wrote:
On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 12:59:51PM +0200, John Darrington wrote:
I thought we had a policy that the synopsis field must not
start with an article.

However running
        grep 'synopsis  *"The'  *.scm

shows that we have many instances where this policy is
not followed.

Or have I   misunderstood something?
It's a minor issue. I think that making many small changes throughout
the master branch will be too disruptive for what is a relatively minor
style issue.
This is true even though changing a description doesn't trigger a rebuild?

If the change is made, I'd prefer it on core-updates. Merging master
into core-updates and vice versa already requires somebody to resolve a
lot of merge conflicts. I'd rather not add to that burden.
Do you have any recommendations for changing our practices to ease this issue?


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