> this is the first set of patches for the changed python-build-system.

I was asked about the big plan on these commits.

The original proposal to this changes can be found at
And this change sets implement

*A1) Change the Python 2 to include pip and setuptools (build using
**B) Install Python packages using **--single-version-externally-managed
C) Strip **python-setuptools and ***python2-setuptools* from all
native-inputs defined in packages.*

And additionally - since it showed up to be required:
*NEW: D) Change inputs into propagated resp. native-inputs where required.*

About the planed patch sets:

Set 1 are the changes to the build system

Set 2 will be the removal of obviously now unused inputs, namely setuptools

    These will be straight forward.

Set 3 will be the straight forward changes to inputs (change to
propagated resp.native)

Set 4 will be the fixes and clean ups required to some packages after
the these changes.

    I'm not sure whether I should split set 3 and set 4 nor have I
    decided yet whether set 3 should only contain those packages which
    will not be changed in set 4. But this makes updating the patches
    quite complicated (even when using git rebase).

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