Hi Leo,

On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 10:38:40 -0400
Leo Famulari <l...@famulari.name> wrote:
> My memory of that effort is hazy now, but I seem to remember that some
> other Python package updates were required in order to make the new
> Sphinx work correctly. I'll be happy if I'm wrong :)

I used guix git master and it worked to build xonsh docs there.

> Did you try rebuilding all the packages reported by `guix refresh -l
> python-sphinx python2-sphinx?`

guix build `guix refresh -l python-sphinx python2-sphinx`, right?

I got lots of

  guix build: warning: deprecated NAME-VERSION syntax; use NAME@VERSION instead

from guix build.

Then it failed because I depend on Hartmut's Python buildsystem changes - which 
are missing in master. (I didn't set any property or fiddle with native-inputs 
python2-setuptools of any new python2 package in this patch series. I'll send a 
new patch series that works without Hartmut's buildsystem changes)

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