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> ng0 writes:
>> I am currently packaging supercollider, and it would be nice to have
>> qtwebkit... but I can't find it for Guix. How do I use it in a packaging
>> defition? Do we have it at all? Is someone working on it? I've read a
>> thread where someone pointed out it was moved but that was of no help
>> either.
>> * Qt >= 5.3 (+ qtwebkit)
>>    *
>>    * cross-platform graphical user interface library, for Qt IDE and 
>> sclang's Qt GUI kit
> I think QtWebkit has been removed from Qt in favor of the QtWebEngine
> (based on Chromium?).

Like I was told in IRC freenode. I wonder if supercollider really needs
qt4 instead of qt5 or if qtwebkit is the MIT-license of the webkits:
they say qtwebkit, but what they really mean is qtwebengine.
I'll ask on their mailinglist.

> From
>> With 5.6, Qt WebKit and Qt Quick 1 will no longer be supported and are
>> dropped from the release. The source code for these modules will still
>> be available. You can continue to compile and use these modules, but
>> we will not be supporting them any longer.
> So it should still be possible to compile the source code.  I downloaded
> the source code and tried to compile it but I couldn't find any 'find
> . -name "*webkit*"' at all!
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> Roel Janssen

Thanks for the reply

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