Danny Milosavljevic <dan...@scratchpost.org> skribis:

> I read the docs you pointed me to - however, previously this worked fine 
> as-is. Also, I have a database that is inaccessible because the locale 
> suddenly (sometimes) doesn't work anymore. It's not like I can change what 
> locale it was created in without a time machine :)
> $ psql -U postgres template1
> psql: FATAL:  database locale is incompatible with operating system
> DETAIL:  The database was initialized with LC_COLLATE "en_US.UTF-8",  which 
> is not recognized by setlocale().
> HINT:  Recreate the database with another locale or install the missing 
> locale.

What does this return:

  ldd $(which psql) | grep glibc


If it says 2.22, then you need to add the 2.22 locale data to your OS,
as per


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