Hi Thomas,

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 11:00:29AM +0200, Thomas Danckaert wrote:
> as far as I understand, the header hdfi.h defines fixed width datatypes such
> as float64, uint8, int32, ... depending on the detected architecture, and
> it's not detecting mips and arm properly.
> I've checked, and see that Debian has a number patches for this and related
> issues

thanks for your comments! I picked a (rather large) patch from Debian
modifying hdfi.h, and the package now builds on arm. I pushed this, and
we will see for mips once hydra tries to build it (there is also a mips
specific patch on debian).

> Ideally, HDF4 maintainers would fix this in a future release.  I can try to
> contact them.

That would be nice, assuming that hdf4 is still maintained.


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