Federico Beffa <be...@ieee.org> writes:

> This is the newest GHC version. I'm adding it as opposed to updating
> the version of the current compiler because it is likely to break some
> of the 240+ libraries that we have and currently I can't commit to fix
> those.

I think this is the right approach.  I have a branch in which I’m trying
to upgrade all of our libraries and it’s not straight-forward.

> There is a project https://www.stackage.org/ curating an LTS set of
> libraries playing well together and with a specific compiler version.
> It would probably make sense to sync with their work. They do use YAML
> configuration files.  Is there somewhere a YAML library for Guile that
> we could use?

Good idea!  This would make it easier to keep our large set of Haskell
libraries up to date and working, an improvement over what we have

~~ Ricardo

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