As for the permanent user profile, one of the debian patches I applied
changed the functionality for security reason. I'm not certain I have the
expertise to make a correcting decision at this time, especially that is in
line with guix conventions about state.

I'll remember the feedback on patch name convention in the future. Thank
you for your review!

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 9:06 PM, Kei Kebreau <> wrote:

> Christopher Allan Webber <> writes:
> > I know Stephen, so I helped him put together this package, which is his
> > first.  It's a long time favorite free software game.
> >
> > There were a lot of patches to Kobo Deluxe in Debian; we kept finding
> > that it wouldn't build without one or another of them, and we read the
> > summary of all of them and decided they were all probably worth
> > including.
> >
> > I think the package looks fine, but probably someone else should look it
> > over.  If someone can give it an ACK, I'd love to merge it (or you can)!
> >
> >  - Chris
> I love this game! It's a solid patch except for two things:
> I can't make a permanent user profile. This is a somewhat popular
> problem for games to have.
> When I applied the patch, git complained about trailing whitespace; a
> trivial fix.

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