Christopher Allan Webber <> skribis:

> David Thompson writes:
>> Hello again Carlos,
>> Carlos Sosa <> writes:
>>>   I like the idea of 'guix deploy', and maybe something to propagates
>>>   given configuration files, like 'guix config prepare' and later 'guix
>>>   config apply'.
>>> Now, how can I contribute? work the guix command?
>>> Let me know if you have a specific repository or place to find any work
>>> done on this.
>> I have just pushed a new branch called "wip-deploy" to the official guix
>> repository.  Since this branch is prefixed with "wip-", expect it to be
>> rebased frequently.  There's not much code here yet, but a very simple
>> prototype has been implemented that supports the creation of local QEMU
>> VMs.
> Just FYI, I've rebased this branch and pushed to origin.


> There's a lot of good ideas in this thread.  Will be good to make
> progress on them!

Yup!  The need for this tool is becoming stronger, especially now that
we’re starting to run GuixSD on our build farm machines.


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