Attached the call for talks. We expect to have a full devroom again!!
A twitter feed will be going and we hope to get streaming video.

Please do submit. Note that a talk at FOSDEM won't hurt your career
and is a great way to get feedback on your project/ideas :).
Especially GSoC students are encouraged to talk about their work.

If you are unsure about an idea you can mail me personally for

* GNU Guile devroom call for talks @FOSDEM 2017

We are excited to announce that we have a GNU Guile devroom at FOSDEM
on February 4th 2017. The call for talk proposals is open! We are
excited because FOSDEM is one of the most important free software
conferences and is hosted annually at 
[[][Universit?? libre de 
Bruxelles in
Brussels, Belgium]]; the devroom will host up to 80 people. FOSDEM is
fantastic, check last year's schedule for 
[[][Saturday]] and the 
GNU Guile
Devroom [[][track]].

Submissions for talks are due on November 18th, 2016.

** Topics

GNU Guile is the preferred extension system for the GNU Project which
features an implementation of the Scheme programming language, a
dialect of Lisp. Especially technical talks are invited on topics
concerning GNU Guile and applications that use Guile (such as GNU
Guix, Lilypond and Gnucash). In the talks both experienced Guile
programmers and newbies should be addressed.  FOSDEM is a great
opportunity to attract people interested in GNU Guile and
Lisp. Examples of (already) 
[[][proposed]] talks could 

1. A friendly introduction to GNU Guile and GNU Guix
2. Guile programming and optimisation
3. Network freedom live at the REPL
4. Adding GNU/Hurd support to GNU Guix and GuixSD
5. Game programming with GNU Guile
6. Web programming with GNU Guile
7. Shepherd the systemd replacement
8. Programming language support in GNU Guix
9. Virtual environments and targets such as CONDA in GNU Guix
10. Software distribution using Gnunet
11. Latest Guile developments
12. Latest GNU Guix developments
13. Getting started with guile-wiredtiger

** Submit talk

Feel free to submit your own topic or even run with one of these.  The
most interesting talks will be selected.  Talks will be about 20
minutes (including setup and Q&A).

Please note that presenting at FOSDEM implies giving permission to be
recorded. The recordings will be published under the same licence as
all FOSDEM content (CC-BY).

Submit your proposal here:

If you submitted a talk to a previous FOSDEM, you should already have
an account, so make sure that you log in with your existing account.
You should only need to create an account if you have not submitted a
talk to FOSDEM in recent years.  After you have your account
configured (you will receive a confirmation email), create the event,
and click on "Show all" in the top right corner to display the full
form. When submitting your talk make doubly sure to select "GNU Guile
devroom" as track (if you don't we won't find it), and include the
following information:

  * The title and subtitle of your talk
  * A short abstract of one paragraph
  * A longer description if you wish to do so
  * Links to related websites/blogs etc

Reply via email to