ng0 <> writes:

> * gnu/packages/networking.scm (whois): New variable.

Thanks! This works for me. I have a couple of remarks that can be added
before committing if you agree, no need to send an updated patch.

* The source headers seems to indicate that this is GPL2+.
* The only reference to this program on the home page is a link to
  GitHub, do you think we should use that as home-page?
* Gettext only seems used for building locales and is not referenced at
  runtime, perhaps it should be a native-input?
* The Debian package is built with HAVE_ICONV=1, should we set that too?

Additionally it installs locales, but looks for /usr/share/locale at
runtime. Fixing this would probably require upstream help, I don't want
to hardcode either "/run/current-system/locale" or ~/.guix-profile. The
current version probably works on foreign distros, if nothing else.

Are these changes sensible?

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