On October 18, 2016 10:20:00 AM CDT, Christopher Allan Webber 
<cweb...@dustycloud.org> wrote:
>Eric Bavier writes:
>> Hello Guix,
>> The first patch fixes an often-bemoaned usability issue in SLiM.  The
>> second is mostly to improve aesthetics, IMHO.
>> `~Eric
>I'm not as sure about how needed the second one is, but the first patch
>looks very useful.  I've certainly been bit by the "mistyping my
>password and suddenly ending up on StumpWM" bug.

I remember the first few times using SLiM on a slightly older computer. After 
logging in the screen would simply clear and I was left wondering whether 
things were working or if I had gotten the config wrong and things were just 
hosed.  So the second patch adds visual feedback similar to what you get when 
typing "halt" at the prompt.

>One thing that's missing from the .patch files: they don't say
>authorship or origin.  Could you add that?

They're my own patches :). But sure, the others SLiM patches have authors 
listed too.

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