> There is still at least one new failure, borg. Are there more? If so, we
> should revert the changes until they are ready.

I think it depends on how much work fixing them is. If it were just five 
minutes then I'd say leave it in master and fix the packages that failed.

Otherwise revert.

However, Hartmut, I think that Build 1637640 is not even done building all the 
packages yet (1853 packages are pending; and some "python-" packages are in the 
queue), so it's anyone's guess which packages are affected.

As for the Python-requiring packages (which do or don't have "python" in the 
name), the failing ones I can spot are:
- borg (can't import borg) 
- calibre ("list index out of range" in setup.py)
- kicad (because of python2-wxpython failure "option 
--single-version-externally-managed not recognized")
- python2-wxpython ("option --single-version-externally-managed not recognized")
- python-sympy (testing fails because some tests that were supposed to fail 
passed instead)
- python-ipython (Can't find "docs/build/texinfo/ipython.info")
- python2-beautifulsoup4 (Tries to use "python3" in convert-py3k - why? After 
all it's supposed to use Python 2)

There are others.

On the other hand, many Python packages that failed building before now are 
In any case I think the new Python build-system is an improvement and I can 
help fix some of those packages. Just don't merge when it's not even done 
building them yet :P

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