On Thu, Dec 01 2016, ng0 wrote
https://ptpb.pw/gQOZ.scm with this change it fails differently:

This is wrong again, but for a different reason. The `%desktop-services` must be the last argument to the `cons*` call.

You want it to look like this (assuming my formatting comes out at least a little bit okay):

 (services (cons* (gnome-desktop-service)
                  (console-keymap-service "de")
                   (let ((spec-guix `((#:name . "guix")
                                      (#:url . 
                                      (#:load-path . ".")
                                      ;; Adapt to a valid absolute file name.
                                      (#:file . 
                                      (#:proc . hydra-jobs)
                                      (#:arguments (subset . "hello"))
                                      (#:branch . "master"))))

                     (cuirass-service #:config (cuirass-configuration
                                                (specifications (list 

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