2017-07-14 13:57 GMT+02:00 Jelle Licht <jli...@fsfe.org>:

> Hi Catonano,
> I would be be happy to help you with this, but tbh, I am not comfortable
> discussing this in-depth on guix-devel, as this seems antithetical to Guix'
> goals.

Ok, at least we made this clear.
I'll keep the list off the hook, should I need to discuss tis further, in
the future.

Just for the record, I don't mean to conter thhe Guix aim. I consider this
as a temporary mitigation. Were "temporary" is the key word

Regardless, the biggest issue that remains is still that npm-land is mired
> in cyclical dependencies and a fun-but-not-actually unique dependency
> resolving scheme.
> I am currently working on a guile version of what Sander did for Nix for
> importing entire npm dependency trees, but this will likely lead to lots of
> programmatically
> defined packages instead of the guix approach of mostly-manually defining
> each package.

What ? Who is Sander ans what did the do for Nix ?

How is importing "entire npm dependencies trees" different than importing
one package at a time and building the dependency tree gradually ?

I have no problem with programmatically defined pacages, anyway ;-)

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