Mark H Weaver <> skribis:

> I've since migrated my x86_64 GuixSD system to building everything
> locally, using a local branch that's almost the same as 'core-updates'
> except with 'expat' and 'pcre' ungrafted.  Since then, I've been unable
> to reproduce the problem I described above.


> However, I've run into a different problem.  Several times, after
> reconnecting to the network, I've found that IceCat is unable to access
> the network (or possibly just DNS), even when the everything works from
> the command line.  Restarting IceCat solves the problem.
> It's possible that waiting long enough would also work, but so far I
> haven't been patient enough to try it.

IceCat is too high-level to debug.  I think we should look at
getaddrinfo(3) or getent(1).

> Possibly related: the glibc-2.26 release announcement mentions the
> following new feature:
>   * Improvements to the DNS stub resolver, contributed by Florian Weimer:
>     - The GNU C Library will now detect when /etc/resolv.conf has been
>       modified and reload the changed configuration.  The new resolver
>       option “no-reload” (RES_NORELOAD) disables this behavior.

I didn’t understand this part because nscd 2.25 already detected
resolv.conf changes via inotify, AFAIK.


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