A slightly on/off-topic question:

Would it be weird if there'd be another Guix related project-group in
the GNU project (but with different goals)?
I have lots of not really published data, and so far most of our time
has been spend discussing and putting our mutual understanding of our
goals into a format which can be understood by other people.
But I'm having difficulties adjusting to the gitlab we use with infotropique
in the infrastructure of ii. In a while we'll have the option to be hosted
in a bigger environment, but I'd still consider the option to ask GNU (in
other words, open a group/project request at savannah) to host the code
parts of our work which is to some degree (and really tight) interwoven with
Guix. The little bits we need to build on our own, we can build on our own
infrastructure (and we aren't there yet for reasons).
The code base is going towards a modular layout and will not incorporate files
of Guix at all, so there'd be no confusion. I am almost done with the
version 4.0 of the website where the general goals are explained.
Our name is completely different, and it will be clear once you can read the
texts and early documentation that there can be no confusion between the two.

I could just ask via Savannah directly, but we work together. We're a team
and I value opinions. If you think it's strange, I have other options to
pick from, just not immediately.
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