So a very long time ago I was wondering: What if we could
take for example Gentoo's portage (and overlays) and process
ebuilds with an importer? There is software on there which does
not fall into our Guidelines by licenses, but there are many
more receipes on there we can make use of.

Ultimately we'll have the QA to check if it's compatible etc.
ebuild format changes every 2 years (in theory, sometimes stable
formats changed even between these 2 years) as another format gets

So we would "just" need an ebuild-reader which would process this
from .ebuild (there's also .eclass we need to consider) to guix package.

We could do the same with PKGBUILD from the Archlinux based systems
and maybe other formats of other systems.

Or is this an idea which could never be in master because of this
systems providing receipes for software which is not fully compatible
with the Guidelines?

Just a "what if" question…
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