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Well I know that the Parabola devs do not use the AUR.  Possibly because
they think that whitelisting free software is easier than blacklisting
proprietary software.

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>> So a very long time ago I was wondering: What if we could
>> take for example Gentoo's portage (and overlays) and process
>> ebuilds with an importer? There is software on there which does
>> not fall into our Guidelines by licenses, but there are many
>> more receipes on there we can make use of.
>> Ultimately we'll have the QA to check if it's compatible etc.
>> ebuild format changes every 2 years (in theory, sometimes stable
>> formats changed even between these 2 years) as another format gets
>> added.
> Oh, and because of the (hopefully most of the time correct) field for
> licenses we could even filter out incompatible licenses.
>> So we would "just" need an ebuild-reader which would process this
>> from .ebuild (there's also .eclass we need to consider) to guix package.
>> We could do the same with PKGBUILD from the Archlinux based systems
>> and maybe other formats of other systems.
>> Or is this an idea which could never be in master because of this
>> systems providing receipes for software which is not fully compatible
>> with the Guidelines?
>> Just a "what if" question…
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