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> ng0 <n...@pragmatique.xyz> writes:
> > Do I use native-search-paths? There is no variable
> > which is used in Gajim, so I think maybe I need to
> > include this in the wrapper and add something similar
> > to the native-search-path which would look in
> > ~/.guix-profile/share/gajim/plugins/ for $name-of-plugin
> > to PATH?
> Gajim assumes that there is a single plugin directory, which has to be
> set at configuration time.  This means that you cannot even default it
> to ~/.guix-profile/share/gajim/plugins, because people might use
> different profile directories.
> The best way to fix this is upstream by sending them a patch that would
> make Gajim look for plugins in other directories, either by implementing
> a search path environment variable or by adding a key to the
> configuration file.
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I've got this reply on my ticket, so maybe I didn't explain my
problem well enough.
Does someone have an answer that is easy to understand to pass on
(or better: sign up and deal with it upstream)?

Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2017 14:58:07 +0200
From: Yann Leboulanger <git...@dev.gajim.org>
To: ng0
Subject: Re: gajim | plugins: location: implement either search-path or option 
for configuration file (#8682)

Gajim looks in 2 places for plugins:
 - $XDG_DATA_HOME/gajim/plugins
  - GAJIM_INSTALL_PATH/plugins (/usr/share/gajim/plugins for example)

So you can set $XDG_DATA_HOME to something else. Isn't it enough?

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