Hello Félicien,

Thank you for the report!

>>>>> "Félicien" == Félicien Pillot <felic...@gnu.org> writes:

    > Le Thu, 01 Feb 2018 09:14:54 +0300, Oleg Pykhalov
    > <go.wig...@gmail.com> a écrit :
    >> We could start by adding a way to add anything.  Here is a patch.
    >> Probably ugly, but as a draft and idea about additional-options.

    > When I try your patch (to solve the dualboot problem I have too) I
    > get this error:

    > /etc/config.scm:17:10 : error: extraneous field initializers
    > (additional-options)

What will “sudo guix --version” say?

Please, show a “(bootloader …)” record field from your config.scm.

    > Why me and not you?



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