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> Hi!
> You've read the exception point correctly:
> Using New Moon (=unofficial) branding, you are allowed to do whatever
> you wish with your distribution, including reconfiguration, different
> home page, etc. Go right ahead!
> If you make source code changes, you should also supply your modified
> source code to stay within the requirements of the MPL source code license.
> Moonchild.

Alright then. I should've asked this question earlier. Better
late than never.

Thanks for your reply!

> On 04/02/2018 12:58, n...@n0.is wrote:
>>>From re-reading item 12:
>>> Unofficial branding ("New Moon") as supplied in the source code
>>> may be used for unendorsed binaries at all times. Thusly
>>> branded binaries with the New Moon logo and product name are
>>> not subject to the endorsement and exception rules as set out
>>> in previous points of this license and may be freely
>>> distributed in altered or unaltered form, subject to the
>>> Mozilla Public License as regards source code changes and
>>> availability. This permission does, however, not include any
>>> rights or license to the Pale Moon name and logo that may still
>>> be present in the resulting unofficially branded binaries.
>> in the above mentioned policy I understand that we will be
>> allowed to distribute the resulting binaries. Is my understanding
>> of your policy exception correct or did I miss anything?
>> Regards,
>> ng0

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