Chris, Guix,

On 2018-02-03 15:14, Chris Marusich wrote:
Hi everyone,

It was a pleasure meeting many of you yesterday at the GNU Guix meet-up!

I heartily concur.

Some people expressed an interest in PGP key signing, but unfortunately
we didn't have time to do that on Friday. In addition, I'm one of those
who did not register in time for the FOSDEM key signing event, so I
can't participate in that this year.  In spite of this, I'm interested
in doing a mini key signing party with other like-minded Guix members,
if you're still in the area.

Would any of you be interested in getting together for an hour or so to
do this, either today or tomorrow? If not, that's totally fine - I just
hate to miss the opportunity while I'm here!

How did this go?

I couldn't make it in time for the Guix subparty today and won't be in Brussels this evening (I guess I'm officially too old to go ~3 nights without sleep; good to know) but would like to repeat it next year if there's interest.



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