"pelzflorian (Florian Pelz)" <pelzflor...@pelzflorian.de> skribis:

> I wrote patches that introduce page variants for translations.  I will
> send them right after this mail.  If there are interested guix-devel
> readers, they can find them at
> https://pelzflorian.de/git/haunt/commit/?id=ac3e93fe35363fd0066cf93b969c95c0fde7a25a
> https://pelzflorian.de/git/haunt/commit/?id=ca32925a58c8ec526653aff9825be2359bf358c3
> https://pelzflorian.de/git/haunt/commit/?id=34f6b56bfe3a3059ced4be5e9b768a6a3a93c671
> A site can have a list of variants such as various languages,
> e.g. '("de" "en").

Nice, looks like a great starting point!

This does not address i18n in itself, right?  Do you have examples of an
i18n’d web site using this Haunt branch + gettext?

Thank you!


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