I'm experimenting with `guix pack`, particularly with the docker format.

I want to generate a tarball like so `guix pack -f docker bash
figlet` -- and then after loading with docker, be able to run the packed
commands. No $PATH is set in the container, so after digging around in
the tarball, I decided to try something like this: `docker run -ti 
/gnu/store/ars9lm9jk9hgdifg0gqvf1jrvz5mdg1j-bash-4.4.12/bin/bash` -- and
that works! woo!

This is much nicer than using an unverified Debian or Ubuntu layer in a docker 
container, just have a
way of installing a few packages -- which is really all we need in containers 
99% of the time.

What have other people done in this direction? What are some ideas for
setting up the $PATH in a nice way?


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