YOANN P <yoann_mac_don...@hotmail.com> skribis:

> Anothers questions regarding the way the offload work:
> - does the machines.scm is read at the start of the daemon or read
> each time the hook is called ? (just to be sure because the sources
> let me think it is read each time and is what i want)

It’s reach each time the hook is called.  You can add a ‘display’ call
in there if you want to see.

> - if a machine disappear during a build, does that build is retry on
> another machine ? is there a retry parameter ?

No.  In that case, I think the daemon returns a transient error in this
case, and the build can be restarted eventually, but we don’t do that
automatically currently.

> - Is there any project to had a parametrable post/pre offload-hook ?
> (Could be used to start preemptive cloud instances before a build and
> fill the "machines.scm" and shutdown instances at the end)

Currently no, though I guess you could do some of that in machines.scm.
More specifically you could have a “machine server” that does all the
heavy lifting, and have machines.scm simply make an RPC to that server
along the lines of “gimme a bunch of machines plz.”

> - No problem to use multiple daemon with the same store ? (I'm not
> sure of it because I never seen this kind of implementation on web,
> could be very useful if it not yet possible)

It kinda works but it’s not recommended.


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