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>> I've had this issue for a while now, while adding some packages, I'll
>> create a loop in the package graph, which causes Guix to just loop
>> infinitely when trying to generate derivations.
> this is a great initiative.  I’ve been having this issue in the past as
> well, and I’d really like Guix to be a little smarter about it.

I’m currently updating many Haskell packages and I applied this patch to
make this job easier.  It works as advertised.

I think it could be less verbose (because something like this won’t
happen in a released version of Guix and is only useful to developers).
I’m no longer convinced that it should be a separate tool; it is an
improvement over having “guix build” hang indefinitely.  I’d much rather
have “guix build” fail on its own than requiring me to lose patience and
hit Ctrl-C.


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