Efraim Flashner <efr...@flashner.co.il> skribis:

>> Ludovic Courtès writes:
>> > That alone could justify pursuing the same approach in the coming
>> > years, IMO.  At the same time, a devroom at FOSDEM proper is a good
>> > way to reach out to new people, which is also a good thing.  Maybe we
>> > could do both?  :-)
>> Yes please! That would give me another chance to participate :D
>> Alex
> The last time I looked at booths for FOSDEM they said it was really
> crowded and that even groups that might have previously gotten two
> tables would only be getting one table. For next year we might consider
> pairing up with GNU or with Nix and splitting a table. It'd give us a
> meeting area to hang around also.

A devroom is more than one table, though.  :-)  In previous years, we
shared the devroom with Lua folks, which worked well.

Now, at FOSDEM, Björn and others thought it might be a good idea to have
a Guix booth next time (like in the lobby of building K, if you
remember.)  If there are enough volunteers, we should definitely apply.
If all of us can spend a couple of hours at the booth during the
weekend, we should be fine.


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