Gábor Boskovits <boskov...@gmail.com> writes:

>> It is not too late to submit project proposals through the Outreachy
>> website and become a mentor.  If you want to co-mentor for an existing
>> project please create an account on the Outreachy website.
> Willing to help, if needed. I created an account.

Thank you.

If you see a project where you think you could help the primary mentor,
and if you confirmed that you meet the requirements, please consider
applying as a co-mentor.

Co-mentoring is useful because it allows mentors to take a day off once
in a while.  The primary purpose is to answer the interns questions or
connect them with people who may know the answer.

(Since I’m a “coordinator” I don’t see the same views that mentors or
interns see, so I cannot really say what steps need to be taken to sign
up as a co-mentor.)


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