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> Nor do I see this message:
>     ghc-pkg: unable to decommit memory: Invalid argument

Which Linux kernel version does this run on?

> I don’t know what this message means, but the messages about requiring a

If there's large address space support [1], ghc 8 does its own allocation in a
1 TB address space.  That means it has to tell the kernel when it doesn't
need some chunk anymore - otherwise you're gonna run out of memory.

It does that using madvise(2).  There's two ways it tries to do that:

(1) MADV_FREE: Signals that "I don't need that range at all anymore".
It usually means Linux will mark those pages free.

(2) MADV_DONTNEED: Signals that "I don't need that range in the NEAR FUTURE".
It usually means Linux will swap those pages out.

MADV_FREE was added in Linux 4.5.  Haskell uses a #ifdef to detect it.

Newer glibc (such as the one in core-updates) unconditionally define MADV_FREE
to prevent programs from depending on a specific Linux kernel in this way [2].

There's a patch to ghc that falls back to (2) if (1) doesn't work:


... but ghc 8.0.2 which we have on core-updates doesn't use it.
It uses either MADV_FREE or MADV_DONTNEED, determined at compile time.

So if the Linux kernel is < 4.5 that's gonna end very badly.

For the record:


Also https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/18118

mmap has a flag MAP_HUGETLB which would cause it to use a mounted
hugetlbfs (the cgroup of which I advised to remove from GuixSD
from the time being).  ghc 8 does not use it so we are safe there.

[1] use_large_address_space=no
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_void_p" -eq 8 ; then
    if test "x$EnableLargeAddressSpace" = "xyes" ; then
        if test "$ghc_host_os" = "darwin" ; then
        elif test "$ghc_host_os" = "openbsd" ; then
            # as of OpenBSD 5.8 (2015), OpenBSD does not support mmap with 
            # The flag MAP_NORESERVE is supported for source compatibility 
            # but is completely ignored by OS mmap
                #include <unistd.h>
                #include <sys/types.h>
                #include <sys/mman.h>
                #include <fcntl.h>
            if test "$ac_cv_have_decl_MAP_NORESERVE" = "yes" &&
                test "$ac_cv_have_decl_MADV_FREE" = "yes" ||
                test "$ac_cv_have_decl_MADV_DONTNEED" = "yes" ; then
if test "$use_large_address_space" = "yes" ; then
   AC_DEFINE([USE_LARGE_ADDRESS_SPACE], [1], [Enable single heap address space 


       EINVAL addr is not page-aligned or length is negative.

       EINVAL advice is not a valid.

       EINVAL advice is MADV_DONTNEED or MADV_REMOVE and the specified address
              range includes locked, Huge TLB pages, or VM_PFNMAP pages.

       EINVAL advice is MADV_MERGEABLE or MADV_UNMERGEABLE, but the kernel was
              not configured with CONFIG_KSM.

       EINVAL advice is MADV_FREE or MADV_WIPEONFORK but the specified address
              range includes file, Huge TLB, MAP_SHARED, or VM_PFNMAP ranges.


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