Hello Guix!

GNU has been accepted as an umbrella organization for GSoC.  That means
that Guix can participate in GSoC under the aegis of GNU, like we did in
previous years.

For that we need mentors: see below the info you need to send if you
wish to be a mentor.  Also, don’t hesitate to ask if you’re unsure what
it means to be a mentor, or if you plan to have vacations during summer
(I do :-)), we can certainly find a co-mentor.

We also need topics: consider updating

Last but not least, we need candidates: if you’re a student lurking,
let’s get in touch; if you’re a contributor, spread the word!


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Hi everyone,

I just got the confirmation the GNU project was accepted this year.

Now we can add mentors.  Everyone who wants to be a mentor should fill
and send this information off-list to Darshit, Jose, myself:



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