Marius Bakke <> skribis:

> Gábor Boskovits <> writes:
>> Ok, the keep it this way. Another question, this came up, as
>> I was trying to find a nice solution to reset-gzip-timestamps failing.
>> I got different pieces of advice if I should reset the permissions after
>> resetting the timestamp, but I'm still not sure. It seems that the easiest
>> way to this would be to just add a call to make-file-writable to the phase
>> at the beginning, as we finally end up with a read-only one in the store
>> anyway. I feel that reseting the permissions is unneccesary additional
>> complexity. WDYT?
> In the "strip" phase we already call "make-file-writeable"
> unconditionally, so doing it in reset-gzip-permissions as well should be
> okay I think.

Right, especially if this affects a number of packages already.


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