Hi Ricardo,

you are welcome, I've taken the challenge :-) I always have fun digging
in the internals of Python - if I find time.

Thanks a lot for the data. I started investigating it and this raised
some more questions. Some behavior is curious. E.g. why does "python -c
'import statmodules'" start

 Thus it would be easiest if I would work interactively with that
environment. Can you please send me the information I need to rebuild
this environment (see below) - assistance would be great!

Alternatively I could download a export/copy of that profile - if guix
has some means for this.

Could I get interactive access to that profile? (Details to be discussed
of-list) This would allow me to investigate some of the curious
behavior. Nevertheless I would also like to rebuild the profile, so I
can hack the store-objects to work towards a solution.

For rebuilding  the I assume I need the following installation
- relevant parts of "guix package --list-installed"
- relevant installation dates from "guix package --list-generations"
- guix version used would be helpful

Hartmut Goebel

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