Hi Reshu,

> I am trying to install GUIX for ubuntu using sh script. I have named the
> script "guix-install.sh".I created the sh file in nano and ran using bash
> guix-install.sh Encountering an error "guix-install.sh: line 249:
> /home/reshu/.guix-profile/etc/profile: No such file or directory".

You need to run the script as the root user.  It seems to not like to
run with sudo, so you would need to do “sudo su -” first to switch to
the root account.

(I’m not sure if the root account is usable on Ubuntu.)

If the script doesn’t work for you, I’m afraid you’d have to follow the
installation steps manually.  As Konrad explained, the procedure is
described in the manual at


The script merely tries to automate these steps.

Sorry for the bumpy ride!


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