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On 2018-03-06 21:06, Konrad Hinsen wrote:
On 06/03/2018 20:34, Reshu Singh wrote:

I am trying to install GUIX for ubuntu using sh script. I have named the script "". I created the sh file in nano and ran using bash

Creating and/or editing a script should not be necessary; is part of Guix, and you should be able to simply run ‘sudo bash ./etc/’ from your Guix tree.

Encountering an error " line 249: /home/reshu/.guix-profile/etc/profile: No such file or directory".

The instructions for installing Guix on a Ubuntu system are at:

There's nothing wrong with Reshu's preference.

That said, you should consider installing Guix manually using the guide above, instead of using a script:

- The installation script is still quite new and probably won't work in all cases. - Error reporting is primitive, as you've experienced, which makes it hard for us to help.
- Manually installing isn't *that* difficult, and most importantly:
- Understanding the concepts involved will serve as a valuable introduction to hacking on Guix.

There is no reference to any shell script there, so I wonder what you
are trying to accomplish using your script?

To install Guix using the official installation script, I suspect...


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