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> On 17-03-06 08:06:52, wrote:
> > On Mon, 6 Mar 2017 15:14:59 +0000
> > ng0 <> wrote:
> > > My idea is now to just reconstruct what torproject does, from the git
> > > checkout of torbrowser and eventually later fix Guix specific
> > > issues and fine tuning (freedom issues etc etc).
(Don't consider this "necro-bumping".)

The maintainer of the ebuild for Gentoo in the torbrowser-overlay
just gave me the last missing pieces of information for building torbrowser.
Recent commit message subjects in the upstream torbrowser repository
make me assume there will be no issues for integration into Guix master.
As long as the final build ressembles what I have talked about with them
we can even name it torbrowser and have the official design.

I hope to be done with this by summer, but you never know with browser.
But it's just a Firefox ESR deriv., so (ideally) it should just be a matter
of 1 or 2 weekends.

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