Hartmut Goebel <h.goe...@crazy-compilers.com> writes:

> Am 06.03.2018 um 18:03 schrieb Marius Bakke:
>> Staging is nearly fully built, so it will have to wait until next round.
>> Generally, branches 'close' once a Hydra evaluation starts.  Check in
>> here for progress: <https://hydra.gnu.org/jobset/gnu/staging>.
> This sound complicated for the occasional (staging-) contributor.
> How should I determine when the next round is about to start? I can't
> even spot that "staging is nearly fully built" and hydra's web-front-end
> is slow. Further I do not have the time for monitoring hydra and catch
> the time-window then I can push my commit. For me this does not work out
> - and I assume for others if doesn't, too.

There are typically discussions on guix-devel when we start the branch.
Here is the previous correspondence:

I suppose we can make it clearer when a branch becomes 'bugfix-only'.

> Is there some queue-for-staging branch where I can commit this patch to?
> Or some other means, like setting some bug-status?

Feel free to push a 'staging-next' branch or something along those lines
to Savannah.  Then we can "promote" it once the current branch is merged.

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