On 10/03/2018 09:34, Pjotr Prins wrote:

It still works with ad-hoc environments, but manifests containing both
Python versions cannot be instantiated any more.  This is too strict,
because we know that these two variants don’t cause conflicts.

That is not my experience. Any mix is a problem.

I agree. Even if "it works" superficially, it's hard to do serious work with Python when you have the two versions in the same profile.

In fact, I find that Guix is the best package manager for dealing with this precisely because it allows me to have multiple independent profiles.

I suggest not to go there. Teach people about profiles and
environments and all should be fine. You can support Python 3, Python

Yes, and perhaps make working with profiles a bit easier. For example, I'd appreciate a "guix profile" resembling "guix environment":

   guix profile ~/profiles/python2

would start a shell with the python2 profile, and

   guix profile ~/profiles/python2 command

would run "command" in the context of the profile. This is actually on my to-do list.

I must add that in most of my Guix experience I relied on
$HOME/.guix-profile. But these days I hardly use that anymore. Just
for some basic desktop tooling. Using multiple profiles is the only
way to mix versions and keep a level of sanity.

Same here.


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