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> But even in minor versions there are problems.

Yes, but it's not guix's job to solve the language programmer's problems.

Since quite some time, then python itnerpreters get installed as
"pythonX.Y", in addition to "pythonX" and "python". Thus it is perfectly
possible to install several version of python in parallel, give that one
decides which should mak to "pythonX" and which to "python".

The libraries are always installed into version-specific directories.

>  Ruby has those too, I
> know for a fact, though Python may be worse since it uses compiled
> sources.

As I've been told, it's worse in Ruby, since rube is using the same
gem-directories for all versions. In contrast, python uses different
(see above) and if you need to pin specific package versions, virtual
environments are for the rescue and quite light-weight.

Neverthelesse these are problems out of scope for guix :-)

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